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Golf Tips

Short Game

Stuck in the sand pit or need help to stay on the green, improving your short game is a sure play to lower your golf score. We will be using this space to post tips which you can use to improve and enjoy your golf game. Have fun and enjoy the tips for a better game.


Ball Flight Laws

Ball Flight Laws

The path of the hands in the hitting area provide the intitial direction of the ball and the clubface angle at impact provides the curve or final destination that the ball will seek. The ball can start either towards the target, to the right of the target (push), or to the left of the target (pull). Off each path the ball can curve right (slice), left (hook), or continue straight. This gives us nine posible flight patterns of which only one is straight.


Steve Oostrom
March 2018



Ball Flight Problems


Ball flight curves excessively to the right for right-handers, to the left for left-handers. Top-hand grip tends to be too weak with "V" pointing to forward side of chin and grip of club lying across palm of hand. Ball position tends to be too far forward opening shoulders and causing an outside in swing path. Alignment may either be open, which promotes slicing or closed, which promotes an over-the-top move. Lower body inactive in transition from backswing to downswing, causing upper body to start down seing and creating an outside-in swing path. Failure to release clubhead due to either tension or mistrust.




Ball flight curves excessively to the left for right-handers, to the right for left-handes. Grip tends to be too strong, with both "V's" pointing to rear shoulder. Ball position tends to be too far back for better players promoting and inside-out swing path and it tends to be too far forward for intermediate players, promoting a pull-hook. Lower body slides laterally stiffens up and creates early release. Swing plane is too flat, producing an inside-out swing path at impact.

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